Why GameTruck?

We were excited to work with the extraordinary team at GameTruck! They all have a fantastic desire to see the franchisee's succeed and always provide wonderful support to help make success a reality. After 12 months in operation we were turning away as much business as we could do so we made the decision to expand and purchase a second GameTruck mobile theater. We are now on track to double our business this year thanks to a little hard work on our end as well as the dedication of the awesome team at GameTruck headquarters.
- Owner of Baltimore, MD since 2013

Benefits of owning a GameTruck franchise

1. Freedom and flexibility

The most rewarding part of becoming a Franchisee with GameTruck is the freedom and flexibility that comes along with business ownership. Build your business and your schedule on your terms, finally! Your mobile franchise allows you to take your business wherever you'd like. Your work environment is ever-changing with new, interesting people & experiences at every party.

GameTruck also breaks the mold of traditional franchise opportunities, allowing you to completely manage your franchise from home. GameTruck's online management tools, live franchisee support, and a centralized booking center mean you can work from anywhere. No need for expensive real estate or a large staff; the GameTruck model allows you to run lean and maximum your potential.

2. Easy to own

The GameTruck team makes it easy for you to become the next successful franchise owner. GameTruck keeps its franchise fee low, allows a scalable territory fee, and has equipment at competitive prices. Keeping these introductory costs low allows new GameTruck Owners to start fast and focus on growing their new business.

GameTruck also helps you open quickly and start making money sooner. With GameTruck you can launch your dream business in as little as 90 days. There's no wasted time as well! While your equipment is being built you will go through training and GameTruck begins to market for your business! You'll be ready to roll as soon as your new GameTruck is delivered. No costly build-outs... after that, you're in business!

3. It's fun!

Not many people in life get the opportunity to actually enjoy what they do every day. GameTruck franchise owners are the rare exceptions. Fun and excitement are at the core of what makes GameTruck so special. GameTruck owners live and breathe this idea. GameTruck owners live to serve and get great joy out of seeing a successful GameTruck party come together. It is a very rewarding business to run because at GameTruck, We Deliver Excitement!®

4. Sales & Marketing Support

GameTruck runs a highly trained national booking center to follow leads and book parties. Our online booking system is designed to help customers easily book events on our website. All this to help you keep working while the events keep coming in.